no bare soles - everyone deserves a good pair of shoes



 Childhood is supposed to be a magical, carefree time. But kids can suffer excruciating stigma, bullying, and ridicule…all for lack of decent shoes.  YOU can make a difference for a child in need.

Caring For Others' annual distribution providing new shoes for children in need offers dignity and a firm foundation each year.  AINM Foundation  aims to support  Caring For Others, Inc. to help kids improve their self-esteem and participation at school by eliminating one of poverty’s most visible and debilitating marks. 

When you give shoes to a child, you give so many other things like Hope, Dignity, and Joy.

Changing lives... ONE pair  of new shoes at a time!  

Announce FOR 2020

AINM Foundation is partnering with Caring For Others to provide brand new shoes to Gwinnett County families and children in need.  In 2020 New Shoes will be given to qualifying families on a first come, first served basis in Gwinnett County.